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“Ever loose a child in a shopping center?   Ever lose a dog?   I have lost a child and a dog and I feel like I’m a good parent but things happen.   When my 4 year old dissappeared in a store the first 5 minutes I was thinking, he’s around here somewhere.  At the 20 minute mark my insides were tearing up.   I found him in the middle of one of those round clothing racks sitting down playing.   I thanked God he was safe and back in my arms. Another time I had two dogs escape out of our, what I thought was, secure fenced in back yard.   These dogs happen to be my police dogs.  Again worried where they were and my worst fear is getting hit by a car.   I called my local dispatch to let them know in case they get any calls.   The dispatcher told me, “They are in Walgreens”.    Yes that’s right a pharmacy.   You know how doors automatically open when you walk in?   Well, they just walked right in, confused they kept on walking back through the “employees only” doors and pushed their way into a bathroom.   Again I thanked God  and embarrassed I walked them out of the store.   And yes the fence issue was addressed.   They crossed a 5 lane road to get to  Walgreens.   I was so thankful they were not hurt.  


This week cruising social media I was targeted by a company selling QR codes for dogs.   For those of you who don’t know what a QR code is,  you scan it with your phone camera and it links you to a wealth of information.   It look like a square with a design.   In this case your dog’s name address telephone number veterinarian medical history and whatever relevant information you would like to add.   So if someone finds your dog that decided to go for a hike without you, you and your dog will be easily reconnected.   

It is a cheap piece of insurance.  On Amazon they run from $7 – $18.   One thing I don’t like to see is a dog that has three different tags.   They jingle all the time and the noise annoys me.  What do you think that jingling does to your dogs mind?    This one QR Code would be the only tag you would need.   

There are many things you can do to help keep your dog safe and the QR Code is just one piece of this safety measure.   The next item that is becoming popular is pet insurance.   Watch for this upcoming post and subscribe to our blog to keep up to date on current post.  I think the most important thing you can do for your dogs safety is  training.  The recall should be in every dogs vocabulary.   Coming when called.   Coming when called even during distractions.   If your dog does not come when called they are a liability to themselves.   Running away playing chase me, running across the street to say “Hi” to the children next door could lead to a disaster.   A dog injured getting hit by a car is devastating.   Veterinary bills can be near $20,000.   Whatever medical procedures they provide to humans are now available for dogs.  Do you pay for the procedure or  do you euthanize your dog?    All that could have been avoided with training.    

If you need help, we get excellent results and provide ongoing training with group polishing classes for you to  practice in a safe environment.  

Keep you pet safe with;


*QR Code Tag

*Pet Insurance



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