Puppy Training Program

The first 16 weeks are the most important time of your puppy’s life. The first 7 weeks are done by your breeder. The following 9 weeks are up to you. Fears, social issues, confidence are all defined in this critical time of your pup’s life. Behavior issues can be avoided following our training concepts.
Puppy Training Classes
Ready to enroll in Adams K9 Puppy Pre-School? Great! Schedule your puppy training by contacting us below.

Puppy Pre-School

Our Puppy Pre-School covers three critical areas; socialization, confidence building, and learning the basics. We use positive teaching methods as your pup learns sit, down, follow, place, and come.   Socializing is key at this age so your pup will be socialized with children, adults, pups and environments in our fun but challenging agility obstacles. 

We also cover topics like interrupting unwanted behavior, handling, potty training, and nutrition. We love to see the puppies grow and learn during our 4 week program!    To reserve your spot please call our office 616-209-5501.



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Email us at: admin@Adamsk-9.com or call (616) 209-5501
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