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Are you searching for comprehensive dog training solutions in Grand Rapids? Look no further! Our team of expert balanced dog trainers is ready to assist you with a variety of services, including effective dog training, convenient boarding options, engaging daycare, specialized puppy preschool programs, and top-notch dog obedience classes.

We are committed to helping you achieve a well-behaved dog through our proven methods. We are passionate about helping you and your furry friend achieve the best results. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Schedule a Free Evaluation today and let’s embark on this journey together!

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Adams K-9: Where Belief Meets Best-In-Class Dog Training

Are you a new puppy owner in Grand Rapids, grappling with your dog’s behavior and seeking a harmonious relationship with your pet? Our experienced balanced dog trainers are here to guide you and your entire family in establishing a well-mannered, obedient canine. We understand that a dog should have the freedom to be itself – running loose and enjoying life, yet under your reliable control, even amidst distractions.

You deserve a pleasant dog that respects boundaries, such as staying off furniture, not jumping on visitors, and responding to a command for quiet. Our training methods also emphasize proper housebreaking and instruction for loose leash walking, vital steps in fostering a positive relationship with your canine. Achieve these goals with our comprehensive canine training services. Let’s work together to transform your pups into a well-behaved family member. Schedule a Free Evaluation today and start this fulfilling journey!

Our Grand Rapids dog training and balanced dog trainers will teach you:

Cultivating a Bond: Advice for Every Age and Breed

Developing a clear and loving relationship with your canine is the first step in home training. It's crucial to understand that dogs of any age or breed can become a well-trained companion.

Establishing Rules:
Setting Boundaries and Expectations

Set boundaries and expectations early in your dog's life or as soon as they join your family. This clarity helps your pups understand their limits and what is expected of them, whether it's during group classes or at home.

Positive Methods: Reinforcing Good Behavior

Using positive reinforcement techniques is essential. Rewarding your dog for good habits rather than punishing them for undesirable actions fosters a positive learning environment and strengthens your bond.

The Power of Consistency: Key to a Trained Dog

Consistency is key in dog training. Consistently reinforcing rules and commands helps your dog understand what behaviors are expected, leading to a well-trained dog.

Gradual Progress: Building Up in Stages

Build up training in stages, especially for complex commands or behaviors. This step-by-step approach caters to your dog’s learning pace and ensures they don't get overwhelmed.

Training with Enjoyment: Making It Fun

Make training sessions fun for both you and your dog. Engaging and enjoyable activities increase your dog's willingness to learn and participate.

Celebrating Achievements: Praise the Small Things

Praise the small things. Acknowledging even the minor successes boosts your dog's confidence and encourages them to continue learning.

Hands-On Guidance: Using Your Hands Effectively

Use your hands to guide and communicate with your dog. Gestures can be powerful tools in reinforcing commands and guiding your dog through the learning process.

Our goal is to improve the relationship between you and your dog

With our balanced dog trainers programs and your commitment, you can love your dog AND your dog’s behavior.

Our Grand Rapids Dog Training & Balanced Dog Trainers Services Include:


In our Obedience sessions, your dog will learn new skills like 'sit', understand body language, and curb behaviors like play biting, shaping them into a pleasant dog with our effective techniques.

Aggression Intervention Program

Specifically designed for dogs showing signs of aggression, this initiative aims to address and modify these behaviors, focusing on creating a safer, more harmonious environment for both the dog and its family.

Basic Manners

Our Basic Manners course is expertly designed to transform your pet into a happy, well-behaved dog, ensuring a harmonious and joyful bond.

Balanced Dog Trainers

AKC Canine Good Citizen Testing

Our AKC Canine Good Citizen Testing ensures that happy dogs, through consistent training and obedience, meet the esteemed standards of good canine citizenship.

Free Evaluations

Take advantage of our Free Evaluations to tailor a precise and effective training plan for your dog, setting the stage for a successful and rewarding training journey.

Our Grand Rapids Dog Training & Balanced Dog Trainers Guarantee


Off-Leash Reliability: Freedom with Control

In Grand Rapids, MI, our dog training services are tailored to enhance off-leash reliability, embracing the philosophy that dogs deserve the freedom to be themselves. This means allowing them the joy of running, sniffing, and exploring in open fields, while you maintain command over their behavior. Achieving this balance requires consistent effort and engagement from you as a dog owner.


Polite House Manners: Creating a Respectful Companion

Our dog training program in Grand Rapids, MI, places a high emphasis on cultivating polite house manners in dogs. Just as you expect good behavior from your children, the same should apply to your canine family members. A dog that barks incessantly or demands attention disrupts the harmony of your home while friends and family are over is not good behavior. Our skilled dog instructors are adept at instilling respectful conduct.


Enjoyable Walks: The Joy of a Well-Behaved Walking Companion

Transform your outings into enjoyable experiences with our dog training services in Grand Rapids, MI. A common struggle for many dog owners is managing a dog that pulls on the lead or reacts negatively to other dogs. Our program focuses on training your dog to walk calmly by your side, ignoring distractions, and not engaging in undesirable behaviors like leash pulling. With our guidance, walks become relaxing and enjoyable activities, strengthening the bond between you and your dog.


Calm Greeting Behavior: Encouraging Composed Interactions

A significant part of our training in Grand Rapids, MI, is dedicated to teaching dogs calm and quiet greeting behaviors. Dogs need to learn how to interact with people in a composed manner, without becoming overly excited or disruptive. Our training ensures your dog knows how to greet guests politely and remain calm during social interactions, making them a well-appreciated part of any gathering.


Mastering Long Down-Stays: Versatile and Disciplined Companionship

Our dog training service in Grand Rapids also focuses on perfecting the long down-stay, a crucial skill for any well-trained dog. Whether you're out in public spaces, like a park or outdoor cafes, or attending events, your dog should be able to accompany you and remain disciplined throughout. Our training equips your dog with the ability to perform long down-stays reliably, ensuring they are a well-behaved, non-disruptive companion in various social settings.

Our Happy Clients


Our staff has more than 20 years of experience in dog training and handling. Our friendly, animal-loving employees look forward to the chance to work with you and your dog. Our goal for every dog we train is to teach them good manners and how to behave appropriately in public. We train with distraction so your dog learns to listen at all times.

Basic Manners Training: This program focuses on cultivating calm, polite behaviors in your dog. It includes training for no jumping, maintaining a peaceful demeanor when greeting people, waiting patiently at the door, responding to a quiet command, and proper housebreaking techniques.

Advanced Obedience Training: This level elevates your dog’s skills to include commands like sit, down, stay, and place. It also emphasizes walking nicely on a lead without tugging and ensuring reliable recall, with your dog coming when called every time.

Aggression Intervention Program: Specifically designed for dogs showing signs of aggression, this initiative aims to address and modify these behaviors, focusing on creating a safer, more harmonious environment for both the dog and its family.

AKC Canine Good Citizen Testing: This prestigious testing assesses and certifies that your dog exhibits the exemplary behavior of a well-trained and sociable canine citizen, a testament to the effectiveness of our training methods.

Free Evaluations: We offer complimentary evaluations to understand your dog’s unique needs and recommend the most suitable training plan, ensuring a personalized approach for optimal results.

The Grand Rapids Dog Training and Balanced Dog Trainers Programs offer a diverse range of options to cater to your dog’s needs. Our ‘Play and Learn’ program combines fun with education, providing an engaging way for your dog to learn new skills. The ‘Board and Train’ option is perfect for busy owners, where your dog receives intensive training while staying with us. For the youngest members of your canine family, our ‘Puppy Preschool’ lays the foundation for basic obedience and socialization skills, ensuring a well-rounded start in life. Each plan is designed with your dog’s happiness and learning in mind, creating a path toward a well-behaved and balanced companion.

Our training programs include 6 months of group polishing classes. These classes are full of distractions for the whole family to practice with your dog. We also include Canine Good Citizen Testing at no charge. We love working with dogs, and having helped train hundreds of dogs we believe our training plan provides tremendous value, developing well-behaved dogs that make your life and your dog’s much happier.

Boarding is the equivalent to a hotel for dogs. With Adams K-9 Dog Boarding, you can enjoy a vacation or business trip knowing your fur kid is being well cared for. Each dog has a private room with music, and for social dogs they get extra play time. All or our guests get to go outside in our 1500 sq.ft. yard to sniff, relax, and get some fresh air. We offer boarding 365 days a year and do not charge extra for holidays. Your dog can be walked daily for an additional $20 per walk. We love dogs of all shapes and sizes and will take great care of your pet while you’re away!

Doggie Day Care is a new concept in day care for your beloved pet. We offer day care with structure with a limited number of dogs to provide a manageable safe environment for your dog to play and learn. Structured day care not only leaves your dog tired at the end of the day but also well mannered.

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