Puppy Training Program

Puppy Training Program

Kickstart your puppy's education with Adams K9 Puppy Pre-School. Contact us to enroll your pup in our $125 4 week program today!

Four Weeks to a Fantastic Future

Socialization and Confidence Building

Our program expertly fosters your puppy's socialization and confidence, ensuring they grow into well-adjusted and self-assured companions.

Crate Training and Potty Training

Through our crate and potty training sessions, we instill essential habits in your puppy for a lifetime of good behavior and comfort.

Puppy Biting and Impulse Control

Our focused training effectively addresses puppy biting and teaches critical impulse control, ensuring a calm, composed, and well-mannered adult dog.


Our obedience training program lays the robust foundation for a respectful and consistently responsive relationship between you and your puppy.

Preventing Unwanted Behaviors

Our comprehensive program is designed to proactively prevent unwanted behaviors, effectively setting the stage for a well-behaved, sociable, and harmonious pet.


Private lessons offer personalized, focused, and individualized attention, tailoring the training to meet your puppy's specific needs and progress.

The Ultimate Guide to Adams K-9's Comprehensive Puppy Training Program

Welcome to Adams K-9, where your journey to responsible and joyful puppy ownership begins. Our expansive Puppy Training Program is specifically designed to cater to the nuanced needs of your new companion during the most formative period of their life. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, our dog training, syllabus is laden with a wealth of knowledge and techniques crucial for raising a well-adjusted, obedient, and sociable pup.

Embarking on a Formative Journey: The Essentials of Puppy Training

Puppy Training Program

The tender early weeks of a puppy’s life are the bedrock upon which a lifetime of good manners is built. With the expertise of Adams K-9, we guide you through the intricate dance of nurturing a young puppy into a well-mannered adult dog. Our Puppy Preschool is an intensive curriculum designed to lay a solid foundation in your puppy’s critical developmental phase, with a complete puppy training schedule that is structured yet flexible to accommodate the unique personality of your pup.

Comprehensive Puppy Preschool: A Melting Pot of Learning and Fun

Adams K-9’s Puppy Preschool is a holistic blend of vital training aspects that are key to your puppy’s development:

Robust Puppy Socialization and Confidence Building

Puppy Training Program

Our approach to puppy training is grounded in a comprehensive understanding of canine development and behavior. Central to our methodology is the concept of immersive socialization. We believe that a well-rounded social experience is key to developing a confident, well-adjusted dog. In our various training classes, your puppy will be introduced to a diverse range of socialization scenarios, meticulously designed to enhance their adaptability and sociability.

We expose puppies to a variety of people in puppy preschool – from children to adults, each with different appearances and behaviors. This diversity helps puppies learn to interact confidently and calmly with all kinds of individuals, reducing anxiety and fear in new situations. It’s not just about meeting new people; it’s about understanding and accepting the myriad ways humans behave and communicate.

In addition to human interaction, we place a strong emphasis on environmental socialization. Puppies are introduced to different physical environments, from busy urban settings to tranquil natural landscapes. We gradually expose them to various sounds, sights, and textures, ensuring they adapt to these differences with ease. This exposure is crucial in helping them develop resilience to new and potentially overwhelming experiences.

Inter-puppy interaction is another cornerstone of our program. We carefully facilitate interactions with other puppies, ensuring these encounters are positive and instructive. This helps in developing their social cues and communication skills. Learning how to play, share, and interact respectfully with other dogs is vital for their emotional and social well-being.

Crate Training and Potty Training Classes

Mastering the art of crate training and potty training is made easier with our step-by-step guidance, ensuring these essential habits are formed early on. Our trainers share proven techniques that create a positive association with the crate and establish a consistent potty training schedule.

Addressing Puppy Biting and Impulse Control in Young Puppies

Puppy Training Program

Puppy biting is a natural behavior that we address with gentle yet effective methods. We also focus on developing impulse control to cultivate patience and teach good manners.

The Full Spectrum of Puppy Training

Our training sessions are meticulously planned to cover everything from basic manners and obedience training to the prevention of separation anxiety. We offer a combination of group classes and private lessons, giving our puppy owners the flexibility to choose the training environment that best suits their own puppy first.

Dynamic Puppy Classes: A Playground for Learning & New Puppy Owners

Puppy Training Program

We focus on providing a variety of activities that help you as new puppy owners feel confident and cater to the holistic development of your puppy, ensuring they grow into well-rounded, obedient, and happy dogs.

The curriculum we offer goes beyond the basics. While teaching fundamental commands is a key part of our program, we also introduce activities that stimulate mental and physical growth. Our classes include problem-solving games, agility exercises, and interactive play sessions. These activities are not just fun; they are pivotal in enhancing your puppy’s cognitive abilities and physical dexterity.

Gentle play is another crucial element of our classes. We understand that playtime is where puppies learn social cues and develop their personalities. Our supervised play sessions are safe, and structured, and provide the perfect setting for your puppy to learn appropriate play behavior, understand boundaries, and build confidence.

Moreover, we believe that puppy training is as much about educating the kids and owners as it is about training the puppies. We encourage owner involvement in each class, allowing you to observe and understand the training process. This helps reinforce the learned behaviors at home, creating a consistent learning environment for your puppy.

You, as an owner, and trainer will witness the delightful progress of your puppy each week. From mastering a new command to seeing them navigate a social interaction successfully, these classes offer a front-row seat to watch your puppy’s growth journey. We provide regular feedback and guidance, ensuring you are equipped to support and nurture your puppy’s learning even outside the class.

Our classes are more than just a training ground; they are communities where lasting friendships are formed, both for the puppies and their owners. We foster an environment of support and camaraderie, where sharing experiences and tips among owners and students is encouraged.

Tailored Training Sessions: A Personal Touch

Puppy Training Program

Understanding that each puppy is unique, our training sessions vary based on age, breed, and individual temperament. Our trainers are adept at recognizing the nuances of each puppy and tailoring the training accordingly.

Puppy Preschool Obedience Training: The Core of Good Behavior

Obedience training is an essential aspect of pet ownership, transcending beyond the mere teaching of commands. It is about cultivating a language of understanding and respect between you and your pet. At its core, obedience training lays the groundwork for a harmonious relationship, one where communication is clear and mutual trust is paramount.

Starting with the basics basic commands such as ‘sit’, ‘stay’, ‘come’, and ‘heel’, we instill foundational behaviors that form the bedrock of all future learning. These commands, though simple, are crucial in establishing your authority and your pet’s response to it. Each command serves a specific purpose: ‘sit’ for control, ‘stay’ for patience, ‘come’ for safety, and ‘heel’ for discipline. Mastering these basics is not just about compliance; it’s about creating a shared language that fosters an understanding between you and your pet.

But obedience training goes much deeper. It’s about teaching your pet to listen and respond in a variety of situations, ensuring they behave well not just at home but also in public spaces and in the presence of other animals and people. This level of training ensures your pet is not only a joy to be around but also a responsible member of the community.

Moreover, the training process itself is an excellent opportunity for bonding. Through positive reinforcement and consistent practice, you strengthen the emotional connection with your pet. This bond is critical as it makes your pet more receptive to learning and more eager to please. The joy and pride they show upon successfully following a command are not just about the treat they receive; it’s about the pleasure of pleasing you.

We also emphasize the importance of consistency in their puppy training schedule. Consistency in commands, tone of voice, and rewards help your pet understand expectations and learn faster. This consistency extends to all family members; everyone involved with the pet should use the same commands and rewards to avoid confusion.

Beyond the basics, we encourage owners to continue training throughout their pet’s life. Advanced training and continuous learning keep your pet mentally stimulated and engaged, preventing boredom and behavioral issues. It’s also an opportunity to challenge your pet and yourself, exploring activities like agility training, advanced commands, and even fun tricks.

Early Development: Preventing Unwanted Behaviors

Puppy Training Program

Starting training early helps prevent the development of unwanted behaviors like excessive barking, jumping, and chewing. Our curriculum is crafted to address these common concerns head-on, equipping your trainer and you with the knowledge to handle them effectively.

Puppy Training Schedule: Structured Flexibility

Our complete puppy training schedule is a balance of structure and adaptability, acknowledging that the pace of learning can vary based on the age of the individual pup. This schedule is designed to be comprehensive, covering all the bases from vaccinations to harness training.

Fun and Engaging Puppy Classes

Our puppy classes are meticulously designed to offer both enjoyment and education in perfect harmony. We understand that puppies learn best in an environment that’s not only instructive but also incredibly fun. That’s why we’ve tailored our classes to be an exhilarating experience for your furry friends.

The toys and treats we use are specifically chosen to stimulate your puppy’s mind and body. These interactive sessions help in developing their cognitive and physical abilities, crucial in their formative months. But, it’s not all about structured learning; playtime is an integral part of our curriculum, ensuring your puppy’s social skills are nurtured alongside their training.

Above all, our classes are a celebration of the unique bond between you and your puppy. We create a welcoming and warm atmosphere where your pups and you can both learn and grow together. Our experienced trainers are not just educators, but passionate dog lovers, dedicated to creating an environment where puppies can thrive.

Private Lessons: For Focused Attention

For those seeking more personalized attention, we provide one-on-one time with our trainers, ensuring that your own puppy’s specific needs are met.

Progress You Can See: Watching Your Puppy Develop

As part of our family, you’ll have the joy of watching your puppy transform before your eyes each week. With each class, you’ll see tangible progress as your puppy learns and grows.

Join Our Training Family: Enroll in Adams K-9 Today

Becoming a part of the Adams K-9 family means embarking on a journey that will enrich your life and that of your new puppy. Feel empowered and equipped to raise a puppy who is as much a joy to your family as they are to the world around them. With a treat pouch in hand and a heart full of anticipation, attend our puppy sessions, and let’s create an unforgettable chapter in your puppy’s life together.

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Puppy Training Program

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