Adams K-9 has helped hundreds of pet owners over the years in the West Michigan area. Here is what they say.


We cannot believe the change in Alfie. It’s like having a different dog. He still loves and wants to be with us but now I feel comfortable walking him. Off leash he comes even when a squirrel or another dog appears. It’s like a miracle. It’s only been 4 weeks and I am sure it will only get better. Thank you so much. You cannot know how much we appreciate you.”

-Laurie M.


If you could pass this message on to Marshall’s trainer as well, that would be AWESOME!!  First of all I want to say THANK YOU to everyone who has helped along Marshall’s journey!!  As his 2 weeks here comes to a close I just wanted to let you know a few things.   For starters you ALL have changed our lives! Marshall is a huge part of our daily life and we wanted so badly to be able to take him places and do things with him. We were nervous to have him around our niece and nephew because he was a jumper! Now, all thanks to you guys, we can do these things!   We were nervous at first, but from the moment we came in you have been nothing but welcoming and helpful in every aspect! He is an overall happier dog, and we have you guys to thank for that.  To his trainer specifically, I cannot begin to explain how much we appreciate all of your time and dedication to his training. Thank you for teaching us to be strong and firm with him. Thank you for reading him like a book and for truly understanding his personality as well!  We find peace in knowing that we have a happy, well mannered dog that we can keep around for many, many years!  We cant wait to see you all again for the polishing classes!”

– Kelli, Zach, and Marshall


“Lilly passed her therapy dog test and she is now a certified therapy dog.  We would not have been successful without your help.”

– Rachel P


“We are very thankful to have had the opportunity to send our dog to the Board and Train program at Adams K-9. On top of being very stubborn and easily distracted, we had some concern of dog aggression in our dog. We hesitantly dropped him off, unsure of what the outcome of this training would be. After the two weeks, Griz returned home a new dog. We were shocked! He no longer jumped on people, dogs, or on furniture. He heels so perfectly on walks my 7 year old daughter can walk him.  The place command is our favorite.  He will stay on his place until we tell him he is free.  He listens, obeys, behaves and we are still very happy and impressed one month after he has been home!!  We recommend Adams K-9 to anyone and everyone!!!”

– Ryan and Callie S


“Yes, we would love some follow up training for Dexter, just to keep him on his toes. He has deterred at least two attempts of robbery on our house already. So he does a great job. And he is an awesome addition to our family. It still amazes me after two and a half years how much personality he has! He is like another one of my kids. I’m the one who definitely is his Master, kinda funny. He is the same size as me and he thinks he is my lap puppy.

When a friend was over a while back he was very impressed with Dexter and his alertness and awareness, especially with me.”

– Melynda F


“There are lots of dog trainers.  I have been thrilled with Randy.  His methods are simple, sensible and successful. He is firm, kind and fun.  He will answer your questions and his website is full of useful information.  He helps build the confidence of both dog and owner. My dog is smart, athletic, energetic and had a tendency to be very protective.  Now, I can honestly take him anywhere and people say, ‘Wow, what a great dog!  He’s so well behaved!’

Thanks so much, Randy!  You’re the BEST!”

– Holly B


“I have known Randy for almost 15 years.  Randy helped me when I got into police canine.  He is honest and knows dogs.  I was very fortunate to have met him and have him teach me.  I recommend Randy and encourage you to use his expertise.”

– Chris M


“As a Humane Society rescue, Sullivan showed fear based behaviors from the start.  After our 3rd class, we realized we needed more specialized assistance. From day one of working with Randy we noticed significant improvement in Sully’s behavior.  Randy is not only a great dog trainer, but a very effective human trainer as well.  I highly recommend Randy at Adams K-9 LLC.”

– Kathy R


“We met Randy in 2013 at a dog trainers academy.   Not only were our instructors helpful but having the privilege to ask and receive reliable information from a proven expert and K9 handler in our spare time was priceless.  If you’re in Randy’s area and are trying to decide which trainer to use, don’t look any further, he’s your man.  Thank you Randy for sharing your insight and expertise with us.”

– Joel R


“Great place to bring your dog for superior training. Randy came highly recommended by another professional in the canine industry. He is professional and very good at what he does.”

-Steve P


“If you thought about training your pets you should stop thinking and start training. Adams is amazing and you will love your pet even more”

-Michael H


“I was searching for a good trainer and found a few that said they were “everything I was looking for so I asked for a demo and i was not impressed in the least. When I found Randy the first thing he said was let me do a demo for you. He and his dogs made it a simple choice! His dogs perform, they are easy to handle, they are the kind of dogs everyone dreams of having in their home! Randy is a wealth of knowledge and knows exactly how to get you and your dog to level of training you are looking for!! I am in his protection class and my dog is still very social, great with kids and also protective of my home and family. Thanks again Randy for all your help we could not be happier!!”

-Kyle H


“Randy is a great trainer and we follow all his advice. Thanks, Randy!  Koa loves going to training!”

-Joyce H


“In 2013, we sought Randy expertise due to our 1 year old Great Dane, Thor, was showing signs of aggression towards people who would enter our home and viscously barking at our neighbors. It was getting to be so bad that we were starting to consider finding him a new home or God forbid having him put down but then we met Randy with Adams K-9 LLC. Thor was with Randy for 2 weeks. It was hard but we were updated on his status timely. When Thor returned home he was again our loving Thor. We still had to work with him through Randy’s guidance but people were able to enter the home and greet Thor without fear. From Randy’s training, we have been able to go further with Thor then we ever imagined such as going to the dog beach, pet stores, and walks around the neighborhood and downtown Grand Rapids. Our neighbors were impressed by the change in Thor. Anyone seeking help for an aggressive dog has found the best trainer in Randy at Adams K-9, LLC. His love, compassion, and discipline in training dogs is by far superior than we even considered to be possible. Thank you, Randy for giving us our loving friend back.”

-Ben and Heather C


“Randy is a Genius. He transformed our stubborn, incorrigible 14 year old dog into a polite companion. I guess it is possible to teach an old dog new tricks, but you need highly qualified professional guidance. Great job Randy!”

-Mike K


“Thank you so much for the work you did with Tala. I am working with her daily. I plan on coming to some of your Saturday classes soon. I have my granddaughters every weekend, they keep me very busy.  This is the last weekend for T-ball, so hopefully I can free up some Saturdays for Tala and I to come join your team. I will pass the word about you and your business.”

Thank you again and hope to see you soon.

-Suzie O


“Your training with Sirius changed this from a “never” to an “always!” His recall is reliable even when chasing deer!! I never thought that would be possible with him. So glad we found you!’

-Rachel T


“Just wanted to say…we had the best walk last night that we have ever had.  It was absolutely fantastic!!  After going a staggering ¾ mile, we made it back home where Titus fell onto the floor and stretched out…..as if he had just run a marathon lol.

Anyway, wanted to say, Thank You so much.  What a difference!”

-Pat M


“Our entire family is so grateful and thankful for the work you have done with Beatrice! Over the weekend, a visiting family member commented “She hasn’t bitten me all weekend!”  We definitely needed your talents to jump start her training and are so pleased with the “new Beatrice”.  She is still so sweet and affectionate, but now- improved!  The follow up classes are also a great idea, re-enforcing what she has learned & helping us to work better with her.  You have a great gift with these furry beats and we consider ourselves lucky to have found your program!!”

-Leann S


“Our 4.5 month old German Shepherd puppy just spent 14 days with Randy in Board and Train. We’re very pleased with the results! It was definitely money well spent! We are amazed at all that she’s learned, in such a short amount of time! Thank you Randy!”

-Lisa L


“Thank you Adams K-9 for the remote collar training. Yesterday I was able to take Reggie to a friend’s house and feel confident he wouldn’t jump climb the fence and chase the neighbor dog! We had a great day, and he was really tired afterwards. The last time we tried this (2 years ago), he climbed the fence, ran into the neighbor’s house, bolted down the street and chased a dog walking by. Much better experience this time. Thank You!”

-Kristin D


Rooney“Hey Randy, just wanted to again pass along a big thanks for taking care of Rooney every week. Ali and I were talking tonight that it has been so great to have Rooney complete the training with you. We constantly get compliments from Neighbors or others that are walking by letting us know how well behaved our dog is. It is even better to see our friends jealous when they see Rooney off leash and well mannered only as a one year old :). I probably don’t say it enough but wanted to say Thank You. Rooney is a huge part of our lives and we see in you how much you care about the dogs and Rooney. Also a pic of Rooney tonight after daycare and a bath.”

-Ryan D.


NicoleG“After 1 private lesson, we had an entire meal without begging!”


-Nicole G.



Deisel“Thanks so much! Deisel is doing great. He he is awaiting his favorite girl, Maddy!”


-Rick V.






“I hope things are going well with you!  Sam is doing great despite no polishing classes as of late.  I took her to Lowe’s the other day and she was AMAZING!  She heeled like a champ and kept her down stay even when people approached her.  I’m sure the fact that I include her in my marathon training runs contributes to her calm demeanor as of late.”  🙂

-Valerie V.


“Adams K-9 is awesome and worth every penny! 8 weeks ago we met with Randy for a demo and signed on for 5 private lessons and 6 months of group, for our very stubborn Great Dane – Buford. During lesson #1 I asked Randy if Buford was the most stubborn dog he and worked with and immediately knew we were in trouble when he hesitated and said, “No, but he’s right up there.” On the way to lesson #2, I was concerned that 4 more lessons were not going to be enough. At the end of lesson #4 which was 2 weeks ago, we were given the option of saving our 5th lesson and just coming to group to work on distractions as the Buford was doing that well. Today we skipped group and instead took our two Great Danes to East Grand Rapids for the Reed’s Lake Art Fair as a test. The Buford passed with flying colors. With all the people and other dogs, he behaved like the gentleman giant I had hoped for. Many people commented on how well behaved our dogs were. Thanks Randy, we couldn’t have done it without you.”


-Vickie N.


They do an amazing job with difficult to train dogs. My pup is such a good citizen because of their help. I cannot recommend them enough!

-Amy W.


Samson“Thank you Randy, Doug, Mikayla, Grace, Christy, and Megan for all that you did for Samson! Your hard work is very evident in Samson’s behavior. You guys are awesome and we would recommend you to anyone. We will see you soon for polishing classes.”

-Courtney and Chase Z.






“We had a great time at puppy class last night! Adams k9 is the best training facility around. Barrett is learning how to be more confident!”

-Amanda R.


“We are so happy and pleased with the hard work Randy is doing with our Roscoe he has done a 180. We are so happy and can’t wait to see what’s next for our happy puppy. We can’t thank you enough.”

-Amanda Lynn, Brian H.


reviewThank you Adams K-9!  Bella and I went on our first run and it was a great success.  We had plenty of distractions, people, cars, 3 dogs.  One dog (not on a leash and no owner in sight) approaching Bella and we were able to keep going.  I can’t thank you enough for teaching her and my family.”

-Jessica S.



Jackson“Jackson was so good and had so much fun camping last weekend we are going for round two tomorrow! Wouldn’t be able to do this kind of stuff without the help from everyone at Adams K-9 LLC!”
-Jodie B








SummerGroup“Tucker and I love our dog polishing group class.  Each class we see all the amazing transformations!”

-Melissa M.






FreedaMom“My dog is so much happier, calmer, and has regained trust in other dogs. I rescued her two years ago when she was two years old, and she was reactive to other dogs. I tried a trainer previous to randy- and it did more harm then good.Thankfully, with Randy’s training she’s become comfortable with dogs and doesn’t take me for a walk with her incredible strength anymore. The training has helped me become a better and more confident dog owner. Not to mention Freeda loves being boarded there when I’m out of town!! Thank you for all your help, life is so much more enjoyable now:)”

-Kelsey G.




Tubing“Randy is the best trainer around. He is very knowledgeable and my shepherds love him!”

-Amanda D.







“So glad we did this – Ruby loved it! And we love how much she learned. Thank you!”

-Karen W.

“The “Yoda” of the dog world”

-Dan V.


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