Dog Training Resources

Grumpy Pups Pet Photography is a local pet photographer that we use for our dogs and professional photography for our business.  Pet are family and if you want quality artwork for your pet Jennifer of Grumpy Pups does an excellent job.

The International Association of Canine Professional is a great resource if you are looking for a trainer in your area or articles on training, behavior, puppies, service dogs and more!

Puppies; German Shepherd, Malinois, Dutch Shepherd and Jack Russell Terrier We recommend Cher Car Kennels if you are looking for a quality puppy.  Cheryl is excellent in matching the right puppy temperament with your family needs.

Why I Don’t Recommend Retractable Leashes is an excellent article concerning retractable leashes.  We teach dogs to walk with a loose leash.  Retractable leashes teach dogs to pull and is counterproductive if you want a well behaved dog while walking on lead.

 Is Clicker Training the Most Effective Way to Train Dogs?  Some trainers claim clicker training is the best and only way to train dogs.  Psychology Today researched the technique and the results are astonishing.

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