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We have a variety of dog training programs to meet your life style and needs.
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Dog Training & Obedience Training

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Puppy Pre-School 

 New! For puppies 7-16 weeks old. This is a 4-week group training course where we teach potty training, nutrition, socialization, handling, and the basics such as sit, down, place, follow and come.  Your pup will build confidence in our obstacle course, learn basic manners/obedience, and socialize with other puppies.   To reserve your spot please call our office            616-209-5501


K-9 Good Citizen Academy

Train your dog in just one month!   5 private lessons with one of our trainers.   Included are group polishing classes to practice the skills you’ve learned.   Learn all the basics and if you are persistent you will have off leash reliability.   



 Play and Learn Program


10 days of training where we do the training for you.  Just drop your dog off in the morning and pick him/her up after work.  You will have a tired dog that played with our staff, dogs, and learned new behaviors.  In just 10 days you will have a dog that walks nice on a leash, comes every time, and no longer jumps, barks or bites.  Includes 6 months of group polishing classes. 



 Board and Train Program


For the family who has a dog with serious behavior issues, too busy, or would like training while they are away on vacation.  Our board and train program is a two week (14 day) course where your dog learns all the basic commands in a variety of settings.  On the weekends your dog goes on field trips so they learn to listen no matter where they are; beach, hiking, or pet store.  Includes 6  months our group polishing classes.



With both our Play & Learn and our Board and Train programs, you have a trained dog in just two weeks!  We follow up with private lessons to show you just how awesome your dog has become, and teach you how to keep him that way.


Private Lesson


Training for your schedule.  Reliable positive results.  Free 15 Minute Phone Consultation.  Great for new puppy owners.  Our trainer works with your dog and trains you!  Private lessons are for dogs with one or two issues for example leash pulling and jumping.    If your dog has multiple issues; leash pulling, jumping, barking, won’t come when called then we recommend the play and learn or board and train program which includes group classes.      

 $250.00 Per Lesson





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