Paws & Play: Mastering Dog Training, Boarding, and Daycare Essentials

The Complete Guide to Dog Boarding in Grand Rapids: A Home Away from Home for Your Furry Family Member

Rest easy knowing that your beloved dog will enjoy a warm and joyful stay at our facility, all for an inviting price of just $40 per night. We’re dedicated to providing a nurturing environment that feels…

How To Teach A Dog To Track

Persistence is the key to dog training. Without it, you don’t have control and you will not have a reliable recall. Persistence is to continue steadfastly or firmly in some state of purpose, course, or action…

Activities to do in Spring with Your Dog in West Michigan

Spring has sprung and there’s probably no place your dog would rather be right now than outside with you. If you live in the West Michigan area, there are many activities that can provide you and…

If Love Could Have Saved You, You Would Have Lived Forever

12 years ago, Bracha came into my life as a happy, spunky, confident Bouvier puppy. We trained, loved, hiked, kayaked, paddle boarded, swam, and were the best of friends.

Another Convert to E Collar Training

Training with Randy and learning about E-Collars changed what I thought about them, to where I even bought one for my own dog.

Legislating the Tools

I would like a quarter every time someone came in my training facility dragged by their dog in a harness or gentle leader. If they work for your dog, then great! However, we see a fair…

We Do The Hard Work So You Don’t Have To

Some people have difficulties with potty training as soon as the pup gets home. I believe the breeder has a direct effect on the potty training process. If the pups have been in a basement until…

Coronavirus and Dogs

I figured since everyone else to chiming in on the COVID-19 (Corona Virus) it was time for Adams K-9 to get some factual information out there rather than depending on the media. Their headlines are only…

Three Things For an Awesome Dog

We have 10 and 14-day training programs and after the initial training, the dog will be doing quite well. People are often amazed after only the first week. Then, after we have a lesson with the…

There’s Always Something…

As we go through life, there’s always something; struggles, oops, surprises. Sometimes they are good surprises and sometimes they are not. My Mother always said, “there are always ups and downs in life,” meaning, deal with…

A Dog’s Life

I sleep in bed with my human every night. I love his touches and his sweet voice as he whispers “good night” to me each and every night. If I’m cold, I snuggle up next to…

Training Tools Are A Crutch

Everyone wants a dog that is 100% reliable. A dog that comes when called all the time, even when there are distractions. There are a variety of tools used in dog training that include clickers, markers,…

Dog Training – At Home or Training Facility?

Which is better, training at home training or at a training facility? Either one may be right for you, but it depends on your needs and goals. Let’s first discuss the reasons people hire dog trainers.…

How to Hike Kayak and Paddle Board With Your Dog

I am writing this on my patio. It’s a beautiful summer day and my dog Bracha and I just came in from paddle boarding. Yes, I take my paddle boarding and kayaking. People are always amazed…

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