Road Trippin started this spring and it is basically a field trip offered to my clients.  Every other week or so we meet in downtown Grand Rapids, Riverside Park, Grand Haven, or Lowell and walk as a group with our dogs.  We add a little obedience in for fun and that is Road Trippin.  Once is a while we may stop at a pet store, coffee or ice cream shop.   It just depends on our mood.  It’s a wonderful way to get out, hang with some like-minded dog owners, and enjoy the day.  Dogs love Road Trippin because they get out and experience new sights and smells!  The only thing to qualify to join us for Road Trippin is that you complete one of my obedience programs.   Road Trippin expeditions last about an hour.

I came up the name “Road Trippin” from a Red Hot Chili Peppers song.  It starts with, “Road trippin’ with my two favorite allies, Fully loaded we got snacks and supplies, It’s time to leave this town, it’s time to steal away,   Let’s go get lost, anywhere in the U.S.A.”.  I think it’s meaning is to forget about how busy our lives are and get out and enjoy the world around you.  What other way to enjoy the world but with your two favorite allies; your dog and your better half.  I suppose your two favorite allies could be your two dogs as well.  If you only have one favorite ally, that’s okay too.

This past Saturday was sunny and pleasant in the mid 70’s.  We met at Ah Nab Awen Park in Grand Rapids.  The walk along the river was gorgeous.  I counted 8 photographers with their clients during our walk.  That’s how beautiful the day was.  We stopped and did a little obedience in Rosa Parks Circle and topped off the day with Coffee at MadCape Coffee Company at 98 Monroe.  I know Bracha enjoyed her time with her Daddy.  Watch our calendar and join us on the next Road Trippin.

Does anyone have any ideas where they would like to go for Road Trippin?  There are no rules, but it has to be dog friendly and appealing to the dogs and humans.

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