Remote collars have been around since the 1960’s and with the advancement of technology are now a very useful tool in teaching and maintaining control of your dog.  Remote collars are also referred to as Shock and E Collars.  Unfortunately the public can go to their nearest pet or sporting goods store and purchase a remote collar for their dog.  Most of the time it’s for a high energy, out of control dog who has no manners.  Once the collar is put on and the owner “zaps” the dog and he/she will yelp,  run and hide.  The owner will take off the collar and never use it again.  Even though these collars come with instructions, you cannot learn the finesse of using a collar by reading an instruction manual.  If people could learn to train dogs by reading books and watching DVD’s there would be no use for dog trainers.  When it comes to dog training the best way to learn is to work with a professional and learn by doing.

Another reason not to run out and by a collar is retail stores generally sell cheap collars that won’t last.  The collars go to hot too fast and break within a year.  I had one client who purchased a cheap collar go through 3 collars in one year.  Once they came for help I directed them to a quality collar that will work for years.   The only maintenance they will need is to replace the re-chargeable battery every 12-18months

I specialize in remote collar training for several reasons.  The dogs learn every quickly using my system of very low stimulation and treating the target behavior we want.   Teaching with a Remote Collar is also non-confrontational.  You don’t have to fight with the dog pulling on the leash, your stress level doesn’t go up and it makes the dog think, rather than to cause stress.  We don’t yell at the dog, in fact, we barely have to talk to the dog at all.  When the dog is in the right position or doing the behavior we want we treat him/her.

Remote collar training is the best tool to have if you want off leash control of your dog.  My clients are always impressed with the off leash control we have after 3-6 weeks of training.

Everyone can have off leash obedience and control.  The remote collar is like always having an invisible leash on your dog.  If they are distracted by odor, people or an animals, all you have to do is tap them to get their attention and then give them something to do like, come, heel, or down.

I have found the best way to show the results of my training is by showing my dogs during evaluations.  I want to show the final result of my training techniques.  Everyone sees how happy and fun my dogs are having.  That’s right, dogs can be dogs; running, bouncing, sniffing, exploring while you still have control of them.  To learn more contact Adams K-9 for a free demonstration.

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