Here in Michigan it has been a very long, cold, snowy winter.  We set several records for low temperatures and snow fall.  I am sure the snowmobilers and skiers loved it, dog lover’s not so much.  I can’t imagine the land minds I’m going to have in my yard once the snow melts.  Owning 4 dogs and running a business makes it difficult to provide all the attention and exercise that my dogs need during the winter months.

Here is an example of some of the things I do.  I have puzzles for my dogs to work on and they become quite good at them.  Dog toys that dispense treats can keep them occupied for about 20-30 minutes.  We also play a game of tug or fetch depending on the dog’s drive.  This year the snow has been too deep and roads to icy to walk or run our dogs.

A product one of my families picked up is a tread mill for dogs.  Dog Trotter USA makes tread mills specifically for dogs.  There is no motor.  The dog dictates how fast or slow he/she goes.  The owner says Griz loves his new tread mill and he really burns off some energy on it.  I plan on putting a tread mill in at our training facility for those dogs that need to burn off some excess energy and love the tread mills they have at home.

I own personal protection dogs.  Wednesday night is Protection Dog Night at Adams K-9.  My dogs love the obedience and protection work.  We challenge the dogs weekly and they sleep well after a strenuous fight with the decoy.  If protection training isn’t for you, there are other opportunities to exercise your dog.  There are scenting workshops, agility, flyball to name a few.  Take your dog on a field trip and visit one of these training venues and see if dog sport is right for you.


We also offer group polishing class for our dogs who have gone through one of our training programs.  In group polishing class we practice control during distractions.  Heeling, sitting, down, and place with other dogs, people, toys, food, and sometime play of catch a with 12 year old who came to class with his Father.  Each week we challenge the dogs with a new angle on a learned behavior.  Group Polishing class isn’t too physically demanding but its definlty demanding psychologically.  I promise your dog will be ready for a nap after one of our group polishing classes.

Now after a long winter I really look forward to Road Trippin.  Road Trippin expeditions are field trips we offer for our families who train with us.  We meet, do a little obedience and go for a walk with our dogs in Grand Haven, Grand Rapids, or one of the local parks.  Kirk Park has a beach for dogs and is a great place to go when it’s nice and warm. Ah summer, you cannot get here too soon.

On a final note, we have purchased a training facility and will be offering boarding, day care and of course training near Hudsonville, MI.  We are very excited about our new facility and are hoping to open sometime in April or May.  You can follow us on Facebook or Twitter for current up to date information on our Grand Opening.  We will also have events posted on our Calendar which can be found on our web page.

Now log off the computer and go do something with your dog.

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