We are approaching April and although it is spring, spring type weather cannot be here soon enough.  As the seasons change we are seeing changes with our dog training business as well.  Soon we will be offering boarding and day care.  We have done a lot of research to learn how to make our kennel safe and welcoming for our furry friends.  We have also built our facility with the qualities that we want when we have boarded our dogs.

First of all we focused on cleanliness.  Air quality is important for the comfort and health of our dogs.  We have two separate heating and cooling systems.  One is for our office and daily operations of our building.  The second is a HVAC system specially designed for veterinary and animal care facilities.  The American Medical Association estimates that 50% of all illnesses are caused by polluted indoor air.   Knowing this we also included an ultra violet light to kill any microorganisms in the air.

We have included privacy with the construction of our kennels.   Each room is separated by a solid wall.  This provides every dog privacy, prevents fence fighting  and encourages a calmer environment for our friends.  Many kennel facilities use chain link fencing to separate their kennels.  We believe this is unsafe for the safety and health of the dog.  Carpet is also a breeding ground for disease and something to look for when considering a safe place for your dog to stay and play.

We have 3 secure outdoor play areas for our friends.  There is plenty of room to smell the fresh air and enjoy some quality play time with our staff and day care dogs.  Every dog that stays at our facility will enjoy a minimum of two hours of socialization each day.Kennel2 001

We will also offer Dog Nip Smoked Bones for a special treat.  These delicious smoked bones are not baked and will last for hours as your dog gnaws at the marrow.  Purchase one of these delectable treats for your dog and they will never know you’re gone.  Our dogs eyes light up when we give them a Dog Nip Smoked Bone and your dog’s will too.

We are currently accepting reservations for May.  We are a small boarding facility who specializes in training.  If planning on a trip makes sure you make reservations early.   Follow us on Twitter or Facebook for the announcement of our Grand Opening Celebration in June.

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