A balanced dog is a Happy Dog.  A nervous aggressive dog is not a happy dog.  Imagine going through life worrying if you are going to be touched or hurt by a stranger.  What if everyone you met you yelled at and threatened to hit them with a baseball bat if they came near you.  Sometimes you did assault them because they got too close or invaded your space.  If a human acted like this they would end up in jail or a mental hospital yet we let our dogs live this way.  It’s a ticking time bomb, “He doesn’t like strangers or people coming to the house”.  Folks let me enlighten you.  If you let your dog stay this way he will progressively get worse until he bites someone.   You maybe communication yes to your dog and not even realize it.

This is the process when there is a dog bite.  Whether it punctures the skin or not, if a dog aggressively puts his/her mouth on someone with the intent of causing injury that is a dog bite.  If your dog causes enough damage to cause psychological or physical damage requiring treatment then you really have a problem.  After the dog bite is reported to the police an investigation begins.  The police and animal control will need to see documentation that your dog is licensed and Rabies Certificate is current.  There will be a 10 day mandatory quarantine of your dog.  If you’re lucky the dog gets to be quarantined in your home.  Depending on the result of the investigation you may be criminally charged for having a vicious dog.  Once Animal Control is finished with you, you are sued by the victim of the dog bite.

The average pay out resulting in a dog bite is $200,000.  Once your home owners insurance has finalized the law suit, they will promptly drop your coverage and good luck locating another insurance company who will cover you after your dog has bit someone.  So now you are at the stage of finding Fido a home because you no longer can find insurance. Outdoor Group

Finding Fido a home will be next to impossible because of his aggression issues, history of bites, and the fact you have been sued.  Don’t even think about lying about the history of Fido because you will be setting yourself up for a law suit when he bites again.  The result is Fido needs to go to doggie heaven.  Don’t send Fido to Doggie Heaven.  Find yourself a professional trainer, when Fido is young and the aggressive behaviors are beginning.  You will be able to keep your dog and your dog with thank you for it.  Fido will live a happy long balanced life with a family who loves him.

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