I enjoy watching YouTube videos and there are millions out there.  Recently I came across one by Peter Caine, a dog trainer from Brooklyn, NY.  Mr. Caine talks like a sailor but gets to the point across on his topics.  The one that got my interest was how people interact with dogs, other people’s dogs.

I teach no touching, no talking, no eye contact, especially with dogs with aggression issues.  Eye contact is a challenge to a dog as is touching, if you do it the wrong way.  Smiling is also a no, no.  If a dog shows his teeth it’s not because they are happy.  They are trying to communicate, “Back off or your about to get bit”.

To take it even further it’s best to leave all dogs alone.  Dogs are constantly learning.   To teach a dog to be calm and well mannered, you must ignore the dog if it is in an excited state.  If the dog is wiggling all around with ants in his pants ignore the dog.  Give affection when the dog is in a calm state of mind.  Now I am talking about your own dog.  If it is someone else’s dog, leave him/her alone.  It’s not your dog.  If you want to pet a dog, get your own dog.  Never, never, ever, give attention when the dog is barking, jumping, whining, hyper, bumping you, pawing, or staring at you.  If you do you are teaching the dog to do these unwanted behaviors for attention.

If you see a dog on the street, admire the dog, but don’t be that guy, who has to pet the dog.  If the dog is being good leave him/her alone.  If you approach and start giving the dog attention the dog will pull toward you, which in turn gets the dog in trouble.  Now the owner has to snap the leash, to correct the dog for pulling.  Don’t touch the dog!

If you pet a dog and it gets all excited and starts jumping on you, you’re an idiot.  You are teaching the dog to jump on people.  It’s too late if you now say, “NO down” or ”that’s okay I like dogs”.  You are teaching the dog bad habits.   Leave the dog alone.

Here is another example.  You have children.  How would you feel if some stranger came along and walked up to your child petting their hair and rubbing their back telling them what a good girl and how beautiful she is.  I know what I would do.  “Gets your hands off of my daughter!”

Keep your hands off other people’s dogs.  Dogs are not babies so don’t talk baby talk to them either.  There are so many screwed up dogs in this country because people treat them like they are their baby.  Human psychology does not work on dogs, dog psychology works on dogs.  I have attached a video of Peter Caine on YouTube.  The language is for adults only and if you do not want to hear swearing do not watch it.

If you own a dog that is already screwed up, it’s nothing we cannot fix.  Come see us and we will get you on your way to a calm, happy, well-mannered dog.

It’s Not Your Dog


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