We recently opened a training center in Hudsonville, actually in Blendon Township in God’s Country.   We now offer boarding, day care and training.  One of the extras we offer our boarding guests is the Country Walk.   A country walk is a wonderful way for your dog to experience the country air, smells and relax outside in an open field.

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We start out our walk on an old gravel road.  You know the kind you would see in Field of Dreams.  As we walk we can hear the crunch of the gravel under our feet and the wind rustling through the trees and bouncing off our ears.   The odors of nature change from pure clean air to a scented lilac as we work out way down the road.  As the dog prances they hold there mouth slightly, taking in each and every odor they come upon.  What a great day for a walk.

After a short time we come upon a two track which meanders around Farmer Bill’s field and into the dark woods.  The shade of the woods is a refreshing feeling as we leave the site of the hot sun.  As we walk down the trail we admire the scenery; green trees, ferns and tall grasses.  The dog’s ears are perked and head carried high as they are on alert to what may be around the next bend.

Country-Walk-004 Country Walk 002

We then come to a clearing which opens up to still water pond.  As we pause the breeze we heard earlier has gone quiet as the dragon flies skate on the glass surface  The stillness is so peaceful we forget about any worries we had earlier.  What a great day for a walk.

We work our way down the trail we come to a fork in the road.  “What do you think Remy?  Should we go right or left?”   Remy’s soft brown eyes look up at me communicating the only way she knows how.  “Left it is Remy.”  Remy is let loose and works her way ahead, stopping and checking to see if I’m still coming.  The trail goes from dirt to soft sand as we make our way up a hill.  At the top of the hill Remy, puffs up her chest as if to say, “I’m King of the World”.  We admire the view for a bit and work our way back.  What a great day for a walk.

Country Walk 020

Nature has a way of releasing any stress we may have in our bodies.  The sites are sounds are always breathtaking no matter how many trips we take.  Imagine staying in your home 24/7 with only short breaks to go outdoors.  I think eventually you would become depressed and have no energy.  The same thing happens with your dog.  Take your dog for a hike or walk.  They will love you for it.

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