Brandy EatingPopcornTop Ten lists were made popular by David Letterman and I thought, “Why don’t I come up with a top list for spoiled dogs.  So, here goes!

Your dog just might be spoiled if…

#10 Your dog is seeing a therapist for anger management issues.

#9 Come means chase me around the neighborhood

#8  He/she whines to get what they want

#7 Nudges you to pet him/her

#6 Growls at your other half when they want to move he dog out of their spot

#5  He/she refuses to eat unless you sit on the floor and feed him/her with a fork

#4 They beg at the dinner table

#3 He/she expects to get all the attention by visitors and will pester them if they stop petting

#2 He/she refuses to get off the furniture

#1  You go for the camera instead of interrupting unwanted behavior.


If you have a dog that refuses to stay off the furniture, runs away, doesn’t come when called, or has aggression issues, you need training.  We can help.

Set up a free demonstration today to learn more.  (616) 209-5501


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