There is a large group congregated and one person is running the meeting.  After some announcements she asks, “Is there anyone here for the first time?”   Fred stands up and says, “Hi I’m Fred and I’m an Insurrectionist.”  The group responds, “Hi Fred”.  Fred goes on to tell his story.

This all kind of crept up on me.  I started at a young age, well, as a toddler I was always active getting into things being destructive.  You know it was fun!  I never was told not to do it.  I had abusive parents.  They would grab me by my hair, slap me around and yell.  Oh they would be so angry and all it made me was fearful.  I learned to stay away and to run.  In fact, the running would be fun!  They could never catch me.  Of course, I would get tired, they would bribe me with treats and then next thing you know, I would be dragged by the back of my shirt and scolded.  My childhood was not a nurturing one.

As I grew older I learned that being the class clown had its benefits.  I knew if my parents got out the camera I was not in trouble.  We have very fond memories of me drinking water straight from the dispenser on the refrigerator, eating food off of my owners plates, and I loved stealing food off of the counter when no one was looking.  I love treats!

Walks are awesome too.  I had all this pent up energy from being locked in the house all day that when they did put the leash on, hang on, because I was taking them for a walk.  We don’t go on walks anymore and it frustrates me.  At this point in my life I’m not happy.  One would think you get to anything you want, you have no rules, it’s every dog’s dream!

Who wouldn’t want to sleep in bed, get on the furniture, fight with dogs, pee on your owner, and runaway?  I get to eat anything I can find, chew on the furniture, pee in the house, not listen to anyone and I’m depressed.  I’m the leader in the household and I’m not happy.  Fred broke down and began to cry.

Then one by one every individual in the group took their turn to tell their own story.  They were all insurrectionists and their stories were similar.  They all, at one point, were in charge of the household, making all the rules and were depressed.  Some were at the point of committing suicide by car.  As Fred listened he learned there was light at the end of his nightmare.  He could be a happy dog again, but it would take work.  Work on his owner’s part.

Fred learned that his owners had to learn a new way of communicating with him.  They were not happy either, but did not know where to turn.  Fred left that meeting that day with some literature, literature about a dog trainer in Hudsonville, MI. that could help him to become a happy well balanced dog.  This guy could teach his owners a better way to communicate with him.

Fred took his literature home and left it on the coffee table where his owners would find it.  They called that dog trainer and within weeks they had a well behaved, happy, dog that came every time they called him.  They finally took charge and set the rules for Fred.  Fred wasn’t a leader anymore.  When dogs are forced to be leaders they become insurrectionists.  Unfortunately some never make it to a Dog’s Anonymous (DA) meeting.  DA has helped thousands of dogs and is growing every day.  If you are like Fred, go to a DA meeting and learn more about how you can help your owners take charge and let you be a dog.  Dogs just want to be treated like dogs.  It’s what nature intended.

A dog’s life is a wonderful thing.  They want leaders who will spend time with them and love them.   Lover your dog, love your dog’s behavior.

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