When I was a police canine officer I thought I had the best job in the world.  Most cops are adrenalin junkies and thrive on helping people under very stressful situations.  When citizens is stressed and cannot think straight, the police officer enters as calm and confident, taking control and resolving the situation.  I thrived as a Canine Officer because I loved the chase.  Nothing was more rewarding than tracking a dangerous felon with a dog and putting the guy behind bars.  Car chases, robberies, and homicide suspects were taken off the streets because of my dog.  I loved it and was the best job in the world.  As I matured I was looking for another rewarding career.  Chasing bad guys is really a young person’s job.  50 year old men should not be running through wet fields and woods at night tracking bad guys with guns, nor should they have to fight and wrestle with 20 year olds on drugs.  Those days are over and I have found another rewarding career, dog training.

I have moved from dealing with the worst people in society to helping good people who want a well- mannered obedient dog.  I have been blessed with the talent of communicating with dogs.  I think its part natural ability and years of training with other dog professionals.  I have a gift that I am able to pass on to the public.  It is very rewarding. Dixie

I have dogs come through our doors and immediately warm up to me.  Many times the owners say, “That’s not normal, he doesn’t like men, strangers, or short guys who are losing their hair”.  The dogs don’t always warm up to me but most of the times, after working with them; I am there new best buddy.  It’s like a light bulb comes on in the dog’s head, “Finally someone who understands me and knows what I need”.  I train all breeds, some with just some obedience and manner issues to dogs that are reactive.  Many times aggressive issues can be worked out.  A very small percentage cannot.  Sometimes dogs cannot be around people or other dogs, that’s just the way it is.  You need to always have them on the leash and don’t put them in uncomfortable positions.  If the dog doesn’t like people then there is no petting.  If the dog doesn’t like other dogs then there are no doggie day care or dog parks.  You have to be able to accept your dog is not friendly and don’t put him in a position where he/she is going to bite someone.  If there your does bite, it’s a mark against the dog.  You know your dog and it is your fault.  Now that he/she bit someone, now what?  There is nothing worse than taking a healthy, loving dog to the Veterinarian to be euthanized.   If you cannot control your dog and keep dog bites from happening that is a decision that needs to be made.  You cannot own a dangerous dog and expect not to be sued or charged criminally.

So, I help dogs and I love it.  After completing one of my training programs, the dog knows what is expected of them and they can live a happy stress free life with their owners.  After helping the dog the next step is training the owners.  Most of the time, owners treat their dogs like babies.  Dogs are not your children and there lies the problem many times.  Dogs are furry and loveable and we like to cuddle with them.  That’s fine and dandy, that’s why we own them.  We also need to treat our dogs like dogs and use dog psychology with them.  The owners need consistency, know how to fairly interrupt behavior and praise their dogs when they are being good.  That’s really all there is to it.  That is where I come in. I educate the public on how dogs think, what they want and how to have a long happy relationship with their dogs.

I teach sit, down, come, heel, place, quiet, and let’s go.  I show people how to change unwanted behavior like stay off the furniture, no counter surfing, no jumping, stop barking, don’t drag me through the doors and stop biting me.  You are not your dog’s litter mates and they cannot be putting their mouths on you.  We teach all these things and then add distractions.  Once we are finished with training you will have off leash reliability and your dog will listen at home and out in public.  Sounds pretty cool doesn’t it?  It is very cool and that’s why I love my job.

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