After training dogs for over 20 years I have recently been questioned about SHOCK collars. For those of you out there in internet land, who believes the only way to train a dog, is with all positive methods I salute you.  I don’t go and seek you out questioning your training methods.  I could care less about your training methods because I’m too busy running my business and training dogs.  You do your thing and I will do mine.

I use food based marker training in my puppy pre-school class.  I train all my dogs with food when they are young.  They catch on quickly and its fun.  Puppies do not have a long attention span so you have to be quick with the reward.   Once the dog begins to mature they need to have consequences for their behavior.  For example, if your child runs into the road is there consequences or the next time they run towards the road do you try to stop them by yelling, “ice cream, ice cream”?   I know when I was young my Dad swatted me on the butt.  My daughter once crossed a busy road and a stranger brought her home.  She snuck out of the house on me and I never knew she went outdoors.  I didn’t spank but made sure she understood not to ever do that again.  In fact, that was the first time my daughter saw me cry.

I specialize in remote collar training because it works and it’s like always having a leash attached to your dog. Your dog can be a dog, with the freedom to run in a field while still maintaining control.  If you see deer or a rabbit, you can “tap” to get your dog’s attention and recall him/her.  It’s an awesome tool.  I know my methodology works because I have people seeking me out after seeing other dog’s trainers who were unable to help them.  I teach control.

What is control? Let’s first look into what control is not.  Here is the list of not under control behaviors; leash pulling, counter surfing, jumping, nuisance barking, running away, fence jumping, not coming when called, biting, chasing people or dogs, lunging/barking at dogs, and food stealing.  I’m sure I may have missed a few but you get the idea.  Control is coming when called, walking with a loose leash, calm greeting behavior, quiet on command, sit, down, stay, and being a joy to live with.

Working Bouvier

I teach control. Many times people say their dog is good in the house, listens great when there are treats but other than that does not listen.  Walks are a nightmare so they don’t walk their dog.  They don’t take their dog out in public because he/she is so bad.  Imagine being locked up in a house 24/7 and getting outdoor breaks in a secure fenced in yard.  Sounds like prison doesn’t it?  Your dog deserves more than doing time in lock up.  What control gets you is freedom.  Control = Freedom.  Once you have control of your dog, they can exercise their brain by going for walks, visits to the pet store and the park.  Imagine being able to walk your dog on the beach?  This is what control brings to your dog; exercise, mental stimulation and companionship because you can take your dog anywhere.

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