My work with dogs is very rewarding.  I help owners help their dogs.  I do this by teaching people to take control, be leaders, set rules and be consistent.  Your dog is not your baby in fact your dog is not human.  People treat them as if they are human or make excuses because they are cute furry loveable pets.  But these loveable pets can become very annoying to others if you allow nuisance barking, jumping, and play biting.  I see dog owners dragged by the leash when trying to walk their dogs and chasing them throughout parks and neighborhoods because the dog will not come to them.  This can be aggravating and many times dogs I given up due to control issues.  Training hint: Don’t purchase retractable leases, they teach your dog to pull.

Recently I met with a lady rescuing a Yellow Lab.  She had brought the Lab in for evaluation.  The lab had little social skills with other dogs and no manners.  The Lab was a nice dog but jumped, barked, leash pulled, did not come when called and was trying to hump the other dogs.  I told her the dog’s a keep, the dog was social but needed training.  The dog needed a human to take control and teach it rules with consistency and rewards.  Something the previous owner did not provide for the dog.  It was easier to drop the dog off on the street for it to fend for itself.  That is how the rescue came across the dog.

Emily at the Beach

I’m often asked how much does training cost?  If you want your dog to learn sometime anywhere from $400-$2200.  If you don’t want the dog to learn anything and still pull on the leash and nuisance bark, the cost about $125.  You get what you pay for.  If you are not willing to invest in your dog maybe you should get a cat.  I don’t see many cat trainers out there.  Look at paying a dog trainer as a one time investment in your dog.  If you want a dog that has a dependable recall, walks nice on a leash and isn’t obnoxious when company comes over you will have to invest some time and money.

I like to ask families that come to see me “what rules are there in the house for the dog”.  Most of the time there are not any rules and that is the problem.  I teach a lot of rules when training dogs.  The rules are no jumping, quiet on command, walk with a loose leash, wait, sit, down,  and I go through the door first not you.  Teach your do these rules and you will have a happy, well balanced dog that is a joy to be around.

If you are a dog lover and want to join our company we are now offering licenses.   Our license includes a 3 Week Academy, Trademarked Logo, marketing and more!  Call or email for our free packet of information.  Working with dogs is very rewarding and so is being your own boss.

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