Ding ding there goes the bell. Sounds announce the beginning of many things; a boxing match, someone at your door, or a warning before your dog receives a stim from a fence, no bark or remote collar. I observed something interesting one day at the beach with friends and their dogs. Someone had a watch that would beep twice at the top of each hour. Every time the watch beeped several dogs would get up, pace and act a little anxious. It didn’t take me long to figure out they were trained with some sort of a training collar that beeps. Like Pavlov’s dog that drooled when he heard a bell each time before he was given food these dogs heard a beep just prior to receiving a stim from a corrective training collar. The watch beep was causing stress in these dogs due to their experience with tone on a training collar.

Underground fencing collars generally use a stronger stimulation to teach dogs to stay in their yard. I am a Dogtra Dealer and our collars do not use any tone to give a warning before a stim. The Dogtra fence collar gives a vibration warning prior to the stimulation.  I love this because the dogs are not conditioned to identify any noises pared with a correction from the fence collar.

300M No Bark Fence Collar

The no bark collar is the same, it vibrates first and then gives a stimulation, similar to a tens unit if the dog continues to bark. Dogtra’s No Bark collar also works better than other no bark collars because you set the level of the stimulation. The way it works is you start on level 1. If your dog barks through level 1, set it to level 2 and so on until you find the correct level to stop your dog’s nuisance barking. With other brand no bark collars the level automatically starts low and gradually goes up as the dog barks. The problem with these collars is that the dog learns he/she can get two or three barks out until the collar reaches the correct level stop the barking. So you have a dog that learns he can still bark. With Dogtra the barking is eliminated. I have used and sold these collars and they work great. I sold one to a Pomeranian owner and she told me that her dog stopped the constant barking and  acts more relaxed and less stressed. Many times dogs are barking because they are stressed. Perhaps the dog barks because he/she is not getting sufficient exercise.

If a dog is trained using a remote collar they should not be stressed. If the collar is used as punishment, punishment is not the way to train dogs. I don’t believe remote collars should be sold in retail stores. Many of the collars are cheap and don’t work properly. On many occassions I have met people that purchased a remote collar and asked me to train their dog using the collar they purchased. I ask them hold the collar and push the button on level 1, they feel nothing. On level 2 they jump and sometimes say, “Ouch”. They don’t want to do that to their dog and neither do I. Some collars have good tones and bad tones. I usually ask, “How is the dog supposed to know the difference between the good and bad tone?”   The answer I always get is, “I don’t know?”   There we are back to those tones again forget about the tones. Your tones should come out of your mouth; “no, yes, and good boy”.

Dog training is all about interrupting unwanted behavior and rewarding good behavior. A lot of people have behavior problems with their pets because they did not address it when they were young. If you have a barking dog it will continue to get worse. If you have a dog that runs away and won’t come it will get worse. If you have a dog that is reactive it will get worse. Please address behavior issues when the dog is young not after it has gone on for a year and a half. Teach your dog rules and proper behavior when they are pups. It is much easier teaching a dog when they are small rather than waiting until they are 50-100lbs of muscle. If you own a dog and you’re having issues training can be a wonderful investment. Everyone wants a companion they can relax with at home and away.

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