Let’s have fun with our dogs! Dog’s love to run free and get lots of exercise. A tired dog is a happy dog. This weekend my wife took the kids and dogs sledding at my mother-in-law’s. There is a huge hill adjacent their property and all had a great time.  The dogs chased my wife down the hill and ran back up the hill. They never tired from this game. The kids, Mom and dogs all had a great time. It could have been stressful if the dogs didn’t stick around and stay with my wife. Because of our dogs training, we are able to do fun things with our dogs. What kind of fun things do you do with your dog?

A couple weeks earlier I took my boys and dogs out hiking and we all had a great time. The boys and dogs came home tired. We met a nice couple during our hike who also had a dog. The dogs had a nice greeting, Titus, my male Bouvier leaned against the woman for a quick pet, and away we went. Again my dogs never ran away just kept an eye on me and followed the path we chose to walk on. It was a winter snowy hike and we all came back tired.   How about a little summer dip with your dog?  Summer is just around the corner, don’t we wish!



When dogs are under control, not aggressive and have a solid recall you can confidently take them anywhere. How about tubing or kayaking? Yes you can do anything with your dog as long as the dog trusts you and you have control. The beach, boardwalk, shopping, yes I said shopping. There are some stores that allow non-service dogs. Most of the home improvement stores, pet stores, and family farm stores all welcome dogs. Most outdoor restaurants allow dogs. I have a friend who takes his dog everywhere even to the tire store. The dog is chill and can hold a down stay for a very long time. People are always impressed because they cannot take their dogs anywhere because #1 they have no control and #2 they are spoiled.


A spoiled dog barks as if ordering you to do something; feed me, pet me, pay attention to me. A spoiled dog sits in your lap while you watch television and tries to bite if someone comes close. A spoiled dog gets on the furniture and refuses to get off. A spoiled dog won’t lay down and just glares at you. A spoiled dog steels food and begs when anyone is eating. A spoiled dog is constantly touching nudging and whining at guest to pay attention and pet them. Don’t be that dog owner, teach your dog some rules. Dogs need to have the same rules that children have. Don’t interrupt, don’t be a nuisance, play quietly, no hitting (biting), we don’t play rough in the house or stand on the furniture. Just because your dog is cuter than your kids doesn’t give him/her the freedom to do whatever they want. Dogs need rules just like children.

My dogs get to come to work with me every day. They are well behaved and get to have office time with Christy or play time with Doug. My dogs act as decoys for the reactive dogs and are always rewarded with treats for their hard work. Some work place environments encourage their employees to bring their dogs to work. Veterinary Clinics, pet stores and small business owners to name a few. I trained a Lab for a Doctor who wanted her dog to come to work with her, she is a therapist. Dogs if well behaved can have a calming effect on people. Some large companies also encourage their employee’s to bring dogs to work and they are Amazon, Google, Ben and Jerrys, Proctor and Gamble. Locally, Grumpy Pups Pet Photography always has her Boxers around the office. Dogs make the work place a little more pleasant to be around.

There are a lot of environments and activities you can involve your dog in you just need to make sure they have manners and are well behaved.

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