I spent 21 years in police canine services. I was responsible for evaluation, selection and training of the dogs. I also trained the new handlers. It was the best job in the department and I loved it! The most important job the police dog has is obedience. A police dog without control is not a police dog. Obedience carries over in everything the dog is trained to do; tracking, searching, apprehending, agility and public relations. Obedience is the foundation to everything in the dog’s life. A happy dog is an obedient dog, and here are the keys to building a strong relationship with yours.

Understand Your Relationship
Dog training is teaching our dog a specific set of rules and behavior that we want so we can have a happy relationship with our dog. Everyone wants their dog to be their companion. If your dog is leash pulling, charging outdoors, running away, jumping and nuisance barking, you are living with an animal and not a companion. Dogs will do whatever comes instinctively to them and whatever they think will get them what they want. Living with an animal can be stressful and sometimes reaches the point the owners are ready to abandon them. How do we get a dog to transition from animal to companion? Training.

Responsible Ownership
It is your responsibility as a dog mom or dad to teach your dog proper etiquette and behavior in the home, in public and amongst friends. A well-mannered dog does not nuisance bark, jump, bite, get into garbage, get on the furniture, and is house broken.  Responsible mom and dads make sure their companions are properly fed, groomed and loved. If your idea of owning a dog is tying it outdoors so it can live in a dog house you shouldn’t be owning a dog. Dogs are pack animals and your family is his pack. Just like you take your children to the doctor, your companion needs to be seen regularly by your veterinarian and kept up to date on his vaccinations to protect him from serious illness. Your dog should be microchipped so he can be identified if lost.

Basic Training Matters
In addition to all of this a responsible dog mom or dad trains their dogs the basics; sit, down, come, wait, stay and do not pull on the leash.   Food is a primary reward for training all of these behaviors. Your dog must be trained to follow commands when distracted as well. If you want to take your dog out in public where it listens and is not a nuisance, distraction training is the key. If you are still struggling after six months of distraction training, you may need some kind of a training collar. There are a variety to choose from, so you can find something that works for your dog. If you want expert insight, come visit or call us and we will help you so you can have a wonderful relationship with your dog.

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