Join our Team | Adams K-9 Dog Training, Kennel and Doggie Day CareAre you feeling burned out from your job?  I was at that point six years ago.  In 1989, I became a police officer and loved my job!  I liked the adrenaline rush of chasing bad guys. The most gratifying part of my job was arresting felons.  I enjoyed helping people, don’t get me wrong, but I really enjoyed arresting felons.

In 1992, I went into our canine services unit. My first K-9 was a black German Shepherd named Quince.  Quince was imported from the Netherlands and was a great police dog. He was social and still was great at doing his job.  He was a great tracking dog and was equally good at finding narcotics.  Quince and I were responsible for putting a lot of bad people in prison.  This was my calling and I loved it.  I was promoted to trainer and was sent to a lot training seminars where I could learn from other professionals in the field. I spent 21 years in Police Canine Services.  My last few years, the calls were less frequent and I got bored.  When I started in K-9 there were 4 dogs in the county and we were busy.  By the time I retired there were 16 dog teams in the county.  I was bored and tired of directing traffic, dealing with drunks and going on domestic calls.  Policing can be a dangerous job and I was burned out.  My advice to those cops out there remains- have a plan for retirement.  My plan was to open a dog training facility and that is exactly what I did.

I now own a 5,000 square foot training facility that also offers boarding and day care.  We have an indoor and outdoor training area and are busy.  My business is growing by 30% each year and 50% of my business is from referrals.  I no longer train police dogs- my customers are now pet owners.  We train big and small, high energy and low, nervous and confident dogs.  If you have an issue, we can fix it or give you suggestions on how to manage it. I have an awesome team and we provide the best dog training service you can find in Michigan.

How did I do it? I developed an easy to learn system for training pets from my 21 years of police dog training.   My system works with a variety of breeds and temperaments, and I am now ready to teach you the secrets of my success.  Adams K-9 is expanding and we are doing it with licensing.  With our licensing you could open up an Adams K-9 in Kalamazoo, Lansing or Detroit.  You live in Texas, no problem!  Florida? Now I have a reason to visit.

Our licensing includes a 3 Week Academy where you learn our secrets to dog training. You actually train a dog while you are here in addition to learning evaluation, puppy training, sales, marketing and more.  Before I retired from the police force, I started out as an At-Home Business.  My At-Home Business included day care training, board and train or I went to people’s homes and offered lessons. This is the best way to get started, and it offers low overhead mostly profit.  The nice part of having a training facility is that you always have a place to train when the weather gets bad. Either way, it’s a great way to make a living.

I love my new career because I get to help dogs and people.  The dogs leave very well trained and the customers are ecstatic when they see how well behaved their dogs are.  I love it when families tell us how we have changed their lives and how good their dog is.  That is the most gratifying part of my job. We do more than teach sit, down, place, come, and heel.  We teach rules so dogs learn how to be good K-9 citizens.  We teach off-leash reliability.  We help families have a loving, stress-free relationship with their dog.

I am excited about the opportunity to help others find a new career they love, and am passionate about the success my system can offer. Whether you are ready to get started on a new venture today or just beginning to explore options, I would love to talk- email us today!

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