Clicker Training - Dog Training with Adams K-9Why are some dog trainers better than others, what makes a good dog trainer? Is it natural ability, experience or training methodology?   Has it more to do with tools than anything else? People call me now and again searching for help and they ask me about other trainers.   My recommendation is to trust their gut feeling. They already don’t feel right so that’s why they care calling me. I am a firm believer in believing in your own intuition.   When meeting a trainer if they rub you the wrong way keep looking.   Your dog should like the trainer and so should you.   The trainer you hire to train your dog doesn’t necessarily need to be your friend, but you need to be able to trust them and believe they can help your dog!   Sometimes I give the owners a little tough love. Sometimes we all need a little tough love.


Here is my philosophy for dog training in a nutshell.   I reward the behavior I want, put pressure on the dog if it goes outside of accepted parameters and correct unwanted behavior.   Our training programs are two weeks in duration.   The first week can be stressful for the dog because we are teaching a new set of rules. Rules like no jumping, no stealing food, no charging through the door, no leash pulling, no barking at dogs or people, no lunging and no running away. The first week there are a lot of no’s. There are yes’s too and they are yes sit, yes wait, yes follow, yes place, yes heel and yes come. No’s are paired with pressure and yes’ are paired with affection and food.   If you do not pair no with pressure the dog will have no idea what no is. The same applies with yes.   Yes must be paired with a positive experience for the dog so the dog learns that yes is good. Yes, gets repeated and reliable. If you want a reliable dog you must be able to effectively communicate yes and no with your dog. As the dog learns you will use a lot more yes’s than no’s.


I specialize is remote collar training also known as e collar or clicker training as some of my families calls it. Many refer to the remote as a clicker because the nick button clicks each time you push it. The dog’s pickup on the clicking noise of the remote as well. The collar may not be turned on but the dog is conditioned by the clicking sound.   I prefer to refer to the training collar as the Invisible Leash. I first was introduced to this training when I was a police canine handler.   I was so impressed with how much more control I had with my police dog, I decided to take this training to the public.   In 2009, I brought “clicker training” to the public with Adams K-9 LLC.


The invisible leash is best way to clearly communicate with your dog. It’s used to get their attention when they are distracted.   The training allows the dog the freedom to be a dog.   All dogs should have the freedom to run around, play and investigate nature.   The invisible leash is the tool that protects your dog and keeps them from running into traffic, chasing or getting into trouble.   The invisible leash keeps your dog safe.   If you would like to learn more about our training visit our YouTube channel or sign up for a free evaluation today!

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