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I just read a study about children who were raised at home or in daycare and some of the findings stated that children will be better socialized and better prepared for Pre-K and Kindergarten if they spend time in a quality daycare environment. I believe the same is true with doggie daycare, and the important thing to look for is the quality of service provided. Is the daycare a free for all with 50 dogs, or is it a structured daycare with mandatory down times? Do the dogs learn anything, or are they merely out and lose all day? At Adams K-9 Dog Training and Kennel in West Michigan, we believe we offer a better option to doggie daycare and that is why we call it Doggie Day School. We had a new dog parent come in the other day to try out our daycare. Helicopter Mom wanted to take her dog back to our daycare room, which we don’t allow because it gets all the regulars all riled up. We do have a two-way mirror for dog parents to check out. All our daycare dogs are crated for downtime at times during the day, and when she learned of this she became very upset stating, “My dog is not going to like that. He hates the crate!” She took her dog and stormed off, making a scene as she went. Another dog parent was in the lobby watching, and after the Helicopter Parent stormed off, the second dog parent handed her dog over to Christy and said, “Have a great day!” as she left. If your dog does not like the crate, it is due to lack of training. Feed your dog in the crate, give treats in the crate, let the dog out when they are calm. Do not let the dog out if they are fussing. Be persistent and you and your dog will be fine. Crates keep dogs safe, so use them. At our West Michigan daycare, dogs learn to love their crates. Crates are a place to nap, relax and not be pestered by other dogs. Our day crew gets plenty of exercise running around outdoors, chasing, playing fetch, and going over our variety of obstacles. Our daycare crew learns manners; no jumping, nuisance barking, follow, and to work for treats. If you don’t want your dog to love his crate, learn manners, exercise and work for treats our day, then school is not for you. There are plenty of free-for-all doggie daycares out there in the Grand Rapids area. But if you want something more, give Adams K-9 Dog Training and Kennel a try. If you are a helicopter parent, we have several trainers and daycares we can recommend for you. If you want a quality service that is good for your dog, then you have found the right place. Our daycare crew is typically no larger than 15 dogs and many of them are regulars. We have 10-day and 30-day passes and our membership program. Many of our pet parents start with Puppy Pre-School, daycare, and Play and Learn training, and then board with us too. Dogs love coming to Adams K-9 and if you let us help with training, you will love your dog’s behavior. Contact the team at Adams K-9 Today!

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