Your Dog Loves You For Who You Are

I love dogs because they give unconditional love.

Your dog will never have an affair or leave you for another human. They are always happy to see you no matter what kind of a day you are having. Studies have shown that petting and loving on a dog will release endorphins and lower your heart rate.

Dogs are good-natured animals that happen to be pack animals, which makes them excellent pets. Your dog follows you everywhere you go because of genetics. Pack animals stay together. Think of “pack” and “family” as the same thing.  In dog lingo we say pack, and in human terms we say family. Dogs are definitely part of the family.

As a police officer, I once went on a domestic dispute over who was going to get the dog. The couple was going through a divorce and the man was moving out of the house, and the woman wouldn’t let him take the dog. Whenever there is a dispute over property, it stays. As the law or courts go, dogs are property.

Kind of sad, isn’t it?

If someone kills your dog, you won’t get compensated for your pain and suffering if you sue, because dogs are property. This is the main reason you don’t hear about lawsuits over dogs because the cost of the attorney will be more than you would ever get in a judgment.

As I write, my dogs are laying at my feet contentedly sleeping the time away. Earlier, I took care of their physical needs by playing fetch with them. The game of fetch doesn’t last long these days because my dogs are 8 and 10 years old. Their minds are right, and they still want to play fetch, I just need to monitor them and stop before they start limping. Part of being a good fur parent is providing for the basic needs of your dog.

All dogs should be walked and provided with an outlet for exercise.

I try to change it up from day to day. Yesterday we went on a 3-mile walk, today was fetch and tomorrow, who knows. Sometimes, I take my dogs to work so they can have some daycare time with other dogs and the staff. My dogs always come home tired after a day at Adams K-9.

If you haven’t ever tried doggie daycare and your dog is social, you ought to give it a try. It’s worth the $25 for the day. I also take my dogs hiking and swimming, they love to explore and play in the lake. Swimming is a lot easier on their joints, especially for older dogs. And wow, are they tired for the next couple of days.

If I’m in bed alone, my dog, Bracha, is in bed with me. A lot of people like to sleep with their dogs, but you need to be careful with this. Letting the dog in your bed is basically telling them they are your equal. Sometimes the dog will take the bed over thinking it’s their bed and they are allowing you to get in it.

This is when the aggression and guarding occurs.

Before letting your dog in bed, make sure you have a good understanding about who pays the bills, buys the food, and provides the entertainment. It’s you. The dog listens to you. The dog follows you. The dog walks nice on the leash (no leash pulling), comes when called, stays in place and has good manners. If your dog does not do these things, then you have some work to do and he’s not to be in the bed.

Always, when we are working with fur parents that have dogs with aggression issues, we need to put a  lot of structure in the dog’s life. Stay off the furniture, wait at the door, and drop things when told to.

Dogs can feel stress and have loss just like humans. I was talking to someone the other day who recently had to put down one of their dogs. They had two, but the older one became really sick and the only option was to euthanize the dog. She told me the other dog was now depressed, so they were considering getting him a companion.

Dogs feel loss just like people.

Stress can affect dogs as well. When I am doing a consultation, I will ask if there is stress in the home when new behavior suddenly starts, like urinating in the home, aggression, separation anxiety, and so on. Almost always, someone has cancer, is pregnant, or some other type of stress is present.

Moving into a new home can also cause stress in the dog and can be a trigger unwanted behavior. There is usually something that is causing the issue if it is a new behavior. It could also be medical. When trying to diagnose the Why, always rule out medical.

I cannot imagine living without a companion in my life. You can talk to dogs because they are great listeners. The trick is to keep petting as you talk. They will sit there and listen for hours to all the problems you have in your life. Dogs will never judge you.

I believe a dog is the closest thing you will get to God on this earth. They do not judge and give unconditional love. All you have to do is give your dog some guidance and some training and you will love their behavior too.

Please call or stop by Adams K-9 Training and Kennel for a visit and love your dog, love your dog’s behavior.

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