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Have you ever dreamed about making a living as a dog trainer? This can be an at home business or you can open your own dog training facility. Imagine being your own boss, making your own schedule and keeping everything you make? Your income is up to you. Whatever you have left after paying your bills is your profit. I started Adams K-9 LLC as an at home business and now own a 5,000 sq. foot training facility. Our business growth is 30% annually and there is no signs it’s slowing down. I love helping dog families and you will too.

Our License Includes:

  1. 3 Week K-9 Academy
  2. Accounting Software
  3. Insurance
  4. Proven Web Page
  5. Professional Photography
  6. Social Media Marketing

Why Adams K-9 License?

  1. Over 25 years Training Dogs
  2. Proven Business Model
  3. Part-time or Full Time
  4. 6 Reason You Cannot Go Wrong With The Pet Industry

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