We offer free demo’s with prospective families in need of our expertise. The issues many times are the same; leash pulling, not coming, jumping, nuisance barking.   This article is going to focus on the issue of nuisance barking. There are several reasons why dogs bark. Dogs don’t know property lines. The dog’s property is as far as he/she can see. If your dog see’s someone a block away, they may start barking, the natural instinct to warn you of an intruder. If your dog barks every time he/she sees someone that could get old quickly. However, if the dog only barks when there is someone on your property or suspicious, that is what we want. A home has never been burglarized when there is a big barking dog on the property.

Nuisance barking may occur when your dog is outdoors and bored. Lack of exercise can be a cause for barking and digging issues. If your dog is locked in the house or tied out all day he/she is not getting enough exercise. There are a variety of options in providing exercise. Take a trick class or agility with your dog, learning a new play or behavior helps tire dogs out. Play fetch or throw a disc for your dog. Go for a hike or swim your dog. Depending on your dog’s energy level a walk maybe all he/she needs.BigBaily 001

If your dog is getting enough exercise and your dog barks a lot you need to do something. A good neighbor does not allow their dog to bark excessively. Teach the quiet command. One way to teach quiet is to keep a leash on the dog with a training collar. When he/she barks, snap the leash and say “quiet” simultaneously. Now what usually will happen is your dog will stop barking when you move towards the leash. If you are outdoors with your dog and they charge the property line to to bark at people walking but, use a leash and secure it to something next you. Teach your dog not to charge the property line and bark at people passing by. You set the rules not your dog.

Next is to transition to an invisible leash. Remote collars are invisible leashes. Do not go out and buy a remote collar and start using it on your dog. You do not know how to use it properly. Find a trainer that specializes in Remote Collar training and pay for a couple of lessons to teach you how to properly introduce the collar to your dog.

If your dog is one that barks a lot get yourself a No Bark collar. I recommend Dogtra No Bark Collars. Dogtra No Bark Collars have a variety of stim levels. Your start and the lowest. If your dog barks through that, increase the level 1 increment. Once you find the right level that works for your dog they will no longer bark. I have used these collars and sold them to customers. They work great. The dog needs to wear the collar though. You take the no bark collar off and its free time, they will start barking again. Dogs are not dumb, they know when the collar is on and when it is off.

No bark collars that do not work are the ones with tones, citronella or gradually increase stim as your dog barks. The collars that automatically increase as the dog barks do not work because the dog learns he/she can get 2-4 barks out and then they stop. Wait a minute and bark again 2-4 times as the collar conditions them to do. Do not waste your money purchasing a collar from a retail store, they do not work. If you want a No Bark Collar that works, buy a Dogtra. Your neighbors will love you for it.

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